Friday, February 22, 2008

Just Damn

Hear I was ready for the week-end and no sooner did i get time to come home and I got pissed off. Now don't get me wrong, I am not a drinking man, but tonight I felt like getting reaquanted with Mr Turkey. What the hell. My daughter pissed me off (16) and things have gone down hill from there. So while sitting in my garage listening to The Savage nation, and hearing all about Barak Obama and Mizzzzz Clinton, I just got more pissed off. So I decided to make the short drive up to the local boot leggers and purchase me a bottle of the good stuff. Now I swore off of the hard stuff and wine almost a year ago, and have been relaxing with a couple cold beers in the evening only, but tonight I deserve a treet, so I am going to enjoy a couple/few drinks. I will see how I feel tomorrow and if not to bad, I will do my weekend work around the north 40. If I don't feel to good, I will sleep. After 21 years in the Air Force believe me I learned how to drink, and did my fair share of it, but paid the price for it more than once. Just sometimes a man needs to relax and tie on on, well perhaps tonight is the night. I'll let you know tomorrow. But till then it's just another day in paradise.

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