Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Felt Like A Fool

I am going to tell off on myself because this is just the way things are sometimes, and Like Forrest Gump said "Shit Happens".
Well I decided to wash my truck again today as it is in the 80's here in Kingwood Texas. I put on an old pair of shorts I haven't worn for about a year, and I have lost 25 Lbs. Well I like to go commando when it is hot, and at this time, while pulling the hose out to the street, and standing in the middle of the street, I felt my shorts falling down. How far did they fall you may ask, well how about all the way to my knees. Luckly I had on a long shirt, which covered most of my stuff, but not all. I did feel a very good draft in on the back side. I almost fell down trying to drop the hose, drop to my knees and pull up my shorts at the same time. I looked around real fast, and didn't see anyone, I could have gotten lucky I thought to myself, or someone else could have gotten lucky not having to see my bare ass. Just Damn. Nothing more I can say, Just Damn. I did go in and put on a belt, and learned from this a very important lesson from this whole thing. Wear a damn belt.
Just another day in my paradise.

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