Monday, February 18, 2008

Friend In Tasmania

Just got an email from my old mate in Tasmania. Big old Aussie piss head. He was my neighbor for about 8 years while I lived on the Gold Coast in Queensland. He is a typical Aussie, big, loud and loves to drink. I remember the day I moved in, I saw him out in his front yard drinking a 40 oz of home brew, so I grabbed a cold XXXX and drifted on over to introduce myself. We were friends from then on. He raised eals in his garage which he sold to Japan. These were some seriously large creatures, with teeth you wouldn't believe. Anyhow I left Australia in 1997 to move back to Houston, but we still communicate via email, and by phone in the middle of the night when he is drunk and decides he wants to talk to he yank mate. I never could get him to understand the time difference from there to here. Humm. He just moved to Tasmania a couple of weeks ago, and according to him, you can go fishing and within 20 minutes catch more than you can carry. Sounds like he is from Texas to me. He is suppose to send me some pics and I will post them as they arrive. Oh did I mention he got hit in the head with a backhoe bucket that layed in up ofr 6 months. Pretty good settlement for that one.

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