Friday, February 29, 2008

Obama and Clinton In Houston

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, with these two in town, everyone is wearing their hip boots from all of the bullshit that is floating around. Obama has his selected verterans only attending his little speach. Hell I didn't get an invite. Wonder why, I'm a vet. No one was invited except hand picked backers of Obama. Damn.

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Now I got to get me one of these

Talk about a good way to keep the critters both 4 legged and 2. out of your yard. Wonder when Walmart will have them in stock. Hummm

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Now This Is Interesting Stuff What's Next

I don' know what to make of this. Course I'm just an old Texas country boy.

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Something Has Got To Give

Guess they see that nothing will happen no matter what they do. With the backing of the head raghead I guess all is well in Iran. Called our bluff for sure. Seems that with all of the hype going on with the Presidential candidates the envelope is really going to get pushed.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

John Wayne Quotes

I was just thinking of all of my childhood heros, and a few come to mind. One of my biggest was of course the Duke John Wayne. Here are some of his memorable quotes.

"If you have a man by the balls, his heart and mind will follow.”

"Life is hard; It's harder if your stupid"

“ Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean it's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we have learned something from yesterday"

"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway"
"A Man ought to do what he thinks is right"
Now who do our kids have to look up to, punk rockers, drug heads, homosexuals, liberals and democrats. There just aren't any heros left. I guess all of our heros now are our Military folks fighting in Iraq, Afganistan, and other undisclosed locations like This One

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What happened to all of our HEROS


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What is going on with Our Dollar

When I left Australia, the exchanage rate was on my side when changing my AF Retirement check into Aussie dollars. I would usuall come out way ahead. Now It is higher that it has been in years. I guess we will be going back to the old barter system before it is all said and done. Acutally a lot of us here in Texas do that all the time. I get my breaks done and it costs me two cases of beer, or a bottle of scotch. Now what is wrong with that.

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Now this is scary

I got this breaking news and now ya just got to wonder humm.

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Had a little BBQ Lunch work today

Well today was our annual BBQ at the office. Man it was good. We had about 65 people stop by, some from France, Germany, New Zeland, Australia, Korea, and China. Many others were customers from all around the US. I was assigned the duty of taking pictures, and I have added a few for your viewing pleasure.
3. Couple of the troops
4. More troops
5. Before it bagan

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No Time To Do Anything Today

Damn, I have been so busy today, I don't even have time to post anything worth a crap. Been backing up systems all day, and we have a big deal going on at work today. Customers in for it from all over the world. We are putting on a big Texas BBQ, catered naturally tomorrow. Good food for sure. Been lerning a little more about manipulating blogger, hopefully with the help of a few of my friends like GuyK. He has helped me a lot, and I really appreciate it. I am going to Fl. and help him build his marina when the water level changes, hell I might even setup a double wide with pontoons and move in. With any luck afer the mess is over tomorrow, I can get more involved with this blogging stuff, I love it.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My young sons pissed off

My youngest (23) (still living at home) came home from work this afternoon and said Daddy come look at this. Well I new something was wrong. Some dickhead had backed into his car which is his pride and joy and put a nasty dent in his hood. He babies that car like you would not believe. He bought it off of the showroom floor brand new. Probably $500.00 to fix easy you can see his car from the link above. That is really an asshole that would hit a car and leave. It was obvious it was done from a trailor hitch.The link to look at his car goes to his blog which he just started last night. Not much to it, but he works so many hours he dosen't have a lot of time to work on it, but he will.

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Just heard Hillary before I could press the Mute button

Damn, I was on the other side of the room when one of her commercials came on, I tried to get to the remote before she started talking, but fell over my grandsons toys and heard I her say "I am blessed and I will pass on my blessings after I am elected President". I'll think about that all night. Probably have nightmares. Just the thought. Damn, now the news is on and there she is again. Saying "shame on you Barak Obama" These two are like two kindergarten kids arguing. And these people want to run our country. Hillary knows how to make decissions. Just listen to her.

YA Know

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And How Does Barak Obama Feel about American Defense

I got this link from the Washington Post, and was very surprised in some ways, but in actuality, what do you expect froma Damn-acrit.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Only In America

You know, I was watching the 9 oclock news hear in Houston, and I have found and I don't know why, but each time I see anything that comes on concerning H Clinton, I press the mute button. I don't know what it is, but just the sound of her voice bothers me. Then there is this other guy they call OBAMA, what the hell kind of a name is that. Why can't he be Barak Obama, why OBAMA, single names like RAMBO, or SUPERMAN, I can understand, but OBAMA, give me a fucking break. I also press mute, on him to, because the shit that comes out of his mouth is scary. especially when he is here in my home town, talking his crap. All of the Mexicans are going nuts for both of them. Free meal ticket is all that is on their minds. Free medical, free education, oh sorry no insurance no abla english. Just Damn, what is happening to my country. .

Sorry, but I am getting pissed off. Who do I have left John M. Well that's about it. I will probably vote for him only because there is no one else other than a damacrit. And I think sometimes what did the communist implant in his brain during all of those years he was a POW. I mean really, do we know. I have great respect for him,as I am a Vet myself. He was an airplane driver who had the bad luck to have been hit by a SAM, and that sucks. He is still a hero, but I still wonder if they hurt his mind. I don't really care, he is all we have, unless Ralf Nader, hmmm, can do something. Why not Mike Savage, he speaks his mind and is right all of the time as far as I can see. I just want my country back, and end it's pussification. Borders, Language and Culture is what it is all about.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Felt Like A Fool

I am going to tell off on myself because this is just the way things are sometimes, and Like Forrest Gump said "Shit Happens".
Well I decided to wash my truck again today as it is in the 80's here in Kingwood Texas. I put on an old pair of shorts I haven't worn for about a year, and I have lost 25 Lbs. Well I like to go commando when it is hot, and at this time, while pulling the hose out to the street, and standing in the middle of the street, I felt my shorts falling down. How far did they fall you may ask, well how about all the way to my knees. Luckly I had on a long shirt, which covered most of my stuff, but not all. I did feel a very good draft in on the back side. I almost fell down trying to drop the hose, drop to my knees and pull up my shorts at the same time. I looked around real fast, and didn't see anyone, I could have gotten lucky I thought to myself, or someone else could have gotten lucky not having to see my bare ass. Just Damn. Nothing more I can say, Just Damn. I did go in and put on a belt, and learned from this a very important lesson from this whole thing. Wear a damn belt.
Just another day in my paradise.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

My best assignment in the Air Force

Has anyone ever been to the Philippines????. If not you don't know what your are missing. I spent 2 and 1/2 years at a little place called Wallace Air Station. It is located in the Northern part of Luzon and about 140 miles from Manila. Our little base had a total of 160 Military, and our closest US Forces were in Manila, so needless to say we were on our own. The people there were probably the nicest I have ever met, and I have lived all over world. The locals new most of us on a first name basis, so no matter where we went in the area we always ran into someone we knew or who knew us. I don't ever recall any incidents involving our military personnel. I met my wife there on New Years Eve 1979, and we were married in April of that same year, now 29 years later what more can I say. She was there visiting here Aunt and Uncle ( her uncle was a retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant) who retired there. Her Dad was in the US Navy there during World War 2 and stayed after the war was over. I still get calls and letters from friends there even after all these years. This is my sweet thing (most of the time)working in our front garden.
An example of the quality of the people there is this. My friend who worked with our drone program went to town one night and had to much to drink and he was put into a jeepney (cab) by one of the local and woke up the next day in his bed. Well his wallet was missing and he got worried. He was telling me this that morning over a cup of coffee when a jeepney pulled up and the driver came in and gave him his wallet which he said he had found in his jeepney. It still had all of his money and evrything else inside. This is fairly typical of of the locals. Anyhow that was a war story, and I have to go to bed now, so good night to all. And lets keep it just another day in paradise.

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This about says it all

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Good BBQ

Well I just got home from my boys house. There was some really good viddles. The brisket was damn good and tender even I didn't have any problem chewing it. The ribs were excellent and of course the watermellon went down well to. I had to leave because I have to work in the morning. I didn't even drink any beer. I am proud of myself. Here are a few pics My grandkids and even me.

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Just got invited to my older sons for a brisket

My son just stopped by and said he had been cooking a brisket all day, and that his father in law was bringing ribs and wanted us to come on over. Thats what I love about Texas. Somebody is BBQing somethig everyday. One good thing about going over to his place is that I can walk there. It's only one street over. I'll take my camera and see if I can get some embarising pics. Those nuts get to drinking and no telling what you might see.

Oh I just got my second visitior to my blog Pambie stopped by as well as GUYK Charming Just Charming. I am new to this blogging, but I like it. Gives me something to do that is different than my normal routine. Think I'll stick with it.

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Mission Accomplished

Well, I had a couple Turkey and Cokes last night, but was fully functional this morning. I did get all of my chores done. It is such a nice day here in Kingwood Texas. 74 and sunny, that you just want to be outside. Of course I stay outside all day on the weekends anyway, just can't stand being stuck inside. My young son 23 even got outside and washed his car.

I cosigned for the damn thing, and he won't even let me drive it. Course it is a little fast for me.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Just Damn

Hear I was ready for the week-end and no sooner did i get time to come home and I got pissed off. Now don't get me wrong, I am not a drinking man, but tonight I felt like getting reaquanted with Mr Turkey. What the hell. My daughter pissed me off (16) and things have gone down hill from there. So while sitting in my garage listening to The Savage nation, and hearing all about Barak Obama and Mizzzzz Clinton, I just got more pissed off. So I decided to make the short drive up to the local boot leggers and purchase me a bottle of the good stuff. Now I swore off of the hard stuff and wine almost a year ago, and have been relaxing with a couple cold beers in the evening only, but tonight I deserve a treet, so I am going to enjoy a couple/few drinks. I will see how I feel tomorrow and if not to bad, I will do my weekend work around the north 40. If I don't feel to good, I will sleep. After 21 years in the Air Force believe me I learned how to drink, and did my fair share of it, but paid the price for it more than once. Just sometimes a man needs to relax and tie on on, well perhaps tonight is the night. I'll let you know tomorrow. But till then it's just another day in paradise.

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This is the best day of the week FRIDAY

Well the weekend is about to start, and I am really looking forward to spending my day working in the yard, washing my truck, cleaning off the roof and worst of all cleaning this. It looks nice and clean now, because it was just resurfaced, and the little guy in there is my son, he will be helping me. It really got nasty over the winter, but it will yield it's pleasure this summer.
Looks like it will be just another day in paradise

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just rememberng the Acid Man

I was sitting here at work reading Acid Man's old posts. Damn I miss his stories. He was the first blog that I started reading and read him everyday, and on the days he didn't post I read his old ones. Wonder what he is doing now, probably blogging from on high. Reading him sometime get you back in alignment if you know what I mean.

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Let it be know this is the way it should be.

Theodore Roosevelt on Immigrants and being an
"In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.
But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all.
We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."
Theodore Roosevelt January 03, 1919

I borrowed this from

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Rain, What Rain, That Was a Gully Washer

We got 2 inches of rain on the back 40 yesterday. Damn. My pool started running out onto the deck. I mean I like a little of the wet stuff sometimes, but it rained like a doble cunted cow pissing on a flat rock, now that is some serious rain. More and worse due today. My son started a new blog It looks pretty good. We are both new to the blogdom and will learn as we go. Perhaps GUGK drop a few hints. Looks like my big clean up plans for the weekend may have to be postponed. Damn.

This is the front yard, which was underwater lastnight, didn't get any pics it was raining to hard.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hump Day and Weekend Chores

Damn where does the time go? I was thinking it was Tuesday and by damn it's Hump day. Time seems to be speeding up for me sense I broke past 60. I was looking at the back forty and noticed that it is about time to get it cleaned up. Pool looks like crap and in general it all looks pretty sad. I am planning to get it done on Saturday it it dosen't rain and if I can get one of my boys to lend a hand which isn't very likely. I guess like all things in life if you want it done, just do it yourself. What can I say, it's just another day in paradise.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cold Beer Plus American Idol = Boring

I have been watching American Idol from the first, not much of a choice with a 16 year old daughter. It's not taht bad really after a few cold beers. I am waiting for the girls to sing tomorrow. Don't see much in the guys for this season, except for the Aussie. He is pretty good. It's a damn shame, I have no control in my house anymore. Seems that sense my daughter turned 16, and see and my wife are the best of friends, and love he same programs, I seem to have lost all control. I have a 35 inch TV in the garage and a fridge full of beer, well you know where I spend most of my time. They went to Wally World, now, so I have come inside to warm up. Won't last long though. Guess I'll turn for the night. But what the hell, it's just another day in paradise.

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HUMMM, Hello Mr Pres

The truth will set you free they say, but the truth plus $100,000 will set you even freer. That's the conclusion our good friend Larry Sinclair has come to after considering the offer we made him yesterday: $10,000 to take a polygraph test over his Barack Obama sex and drugs claims, and $100,000 if he passes it.After communicating via email to work out the logistics of the challenge, we were able to reach an agreement. Now, the plan is to get together with Sinclair and one of the best polygraph experts in the country, and ask him some questions – with the camera rolling, of course. As more details are made available we will post it here.The results of the whole thing will be posted right here on Our pockets lighter by either ten grand or ten times that amount, we'll all have a better sense of what to make of Sinclair's almost-too-unbelievable-to-be-unbelievable allegations against a Senator who is poised, perhaps, to make history.
Borrowed from

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No wonder Barak is aways so happy. You know DON

"My motivation for making this public is my desire for a presidential candidate to be honest," Sinclair told WND by telephone. "I didn't want the sex thing to come out. But I think it is important for the candidate to be honest about his drug use as late as 1999."

ELECTION 2008Sleaze charge: 'I took drugs, had homo sex with Obama'Minnesota man takes his case to court, YouTube, $100,000 polygraph challenge

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Some Songs From Our Boys In Irag

This is a very nice site with some outstanding songs performed by our Fighting Men and Women. It is well worth a look and listten.

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Where have all the pretty people gone

At lesat the Bush daughters are easy on the eye.

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You people in Florida do it right

This is very interisting...No wonder they have hanging chads

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Cold this morining

Got up this morning at 0 dark thirty after the smell of hot coffee drifted in. What a great way to start the day. Of course we still have the grandkids and they let it be know about 0530 this morning. Today is the last day we will have them after 5 days. Son comming back from Vegas this afternoon around 1730. It's good to have your kids and grandkids living so close. He and them live one street over from us.
After my hot mug, I went outside to crank up the old blue Dodge Lonestar to warm up. Damn it's cold this morning. Temp in the truck says 38. It is suppose to warm up to 72 this afternoon though. I love this Houston weather, allways a surprise.
Guyk dropped by my virgin blog to say hello. I have been reading him for a long time. Wise man he is. Got all the right views on about everything. I guess being retired Air Force like me we tend to see things as they really are, not what the media wants to to see. I spend every afternoon with Mike Savage (The Savage Nation). He will keep you pointed in the right direction. Well time to go and earn my grits and greens. Just another day in paradie.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Friend In Tasmania

Just got an email from my old mate in Tasmania. Big old Aussie piss head. He was my neighbor for about 8 years while I lived on the Gold Coast in Queensland. He is a typical Aussie, big, loud and loves to drink. I remember the day I moved in, I saw him out in his front yard drinking a 40 oz of home brew, so I grabbed a cold XXXX and drifted on over to introduce myself. We were friends from then on. He raised eals in his garage which he sold to Japan. These were some seriously large creatures, with teeth you wouldn't believe. Anyhow I left Australia in 1997 to move back to Houston, but we still communicate via email, and by phone in the middle of the night when he is drunk and decides he wants to talk to he yank mate. I never could get him to understand the time difference from there to here. Humm. He just moved to Tasmania a couple of weeks ago, and according to him, you can go fishing and within 20 minutes catch more than you can carry. Sounds like he is from Texas to me. He is suppose to send me some pics and I will post them as they arrive. Oh did I mention he got hit in the head with a backhoe bucket that layed in up ofr 6 months. Pretty good settlement for that one.

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Just another day in paradise

We have been looking after my grandsons (two and 7 months)for the past week. This is a pain in the ass. I love them both, but will be glad when mama and daddy get back from Vegas. Got an email from my son and two text photos, showing me his winnings. $422 and $325. Hope he remembers his old man. Not. Keeping grandkids for longer than one day reminds you how lucky your are that yours are now grown. I love to spoil them and then give them back. Payback it a bitch.

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