Thursday, September 11, 2008

Waiting On Ike

How boring is this. We have been getting ready at my office starting yesterday, I am tired. We have been raising systems off of the floor onto bricks, covering systems with plastic, shutting down most of the servers and virtual machines in the company. I backed up our 2200 yesterday to tape, took 9 hours, back and forth to the server room to many times to count, hell I got home last night and was to tired to even open a beer. I had to get my daughter to do for me. Not lazy. Tomorrow we will shut down the rest, only leaving our mail and phone switch up. As we are the corporate headquarters for the company we do all the customer support, well we are transfering that responsibility to our office in France. Guess that is about all we cn do now. Waiting for the storm is the worst part. It is suppose to hit us streight on sometime during the early morning hours of Saturday, so that means there will be a huracain party at my house. Stocked up of scotch and beer today, bought chips and dip and pizza. Should go well till the power goes off. The news said that our area could loose power for up to 2 weeks, now how in the hell can they say that when the storm isn't even here yet. If that happens it will be bad. At least I have a pool and we can use the water from that to keep ourselves clean, and if worse comes to worse I guess we could drink it, just add a couple drops of chlorine. Who knows. Anywho, that about it for now.

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