Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Homeowner kills one intruder, wounds another

Well done. He should be given an award, wonder if they were legal or not. We will wait and see.

BLUE MOUND — A homeowner who saw his wife threatened at gunpoint by an intruder wrested the gun from the man, killed him and wounded another intruder, police said.

The incident happened early today after two men kicked open the front door of the couple's home in this Fort Worth suburb.

Keith and Kellie Hoehn told police the men burst into their house and one of them pointed a shotgun at Mrs. Hoehn's head. She brushed the barrel aside, and a struggle ensued.

The husband got control of the gun and shot both men. The man who survived is being treated at a Fort Worth hospital.

Investigators said the homeowner is unlikely be charged. They said he shot the men out of concern for his sleeping children.

Police suspect that the intruders had broken into the garage of a nearby house earlier in the night.

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