Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oprah and Her Sponsors

I borrowed this fro Political Beach Girl. I think this hits Oprah where it hurts. Hell I haven't been to Target in 2 years anyhow.

Here's a h/t to Sooshi Soo for listing Oprah's sponsors, here. And here's another one, The Roast of Oprah Winfrey. From Sooshi Soo - some of Oprah's sponsors are: Lowes, Chase, Visa, Wachovia, Frontline, Murad, Clinique, Philosophy, Pella, Pfizer, Bali, Disney/Universal and Target.

Okay, boys and girls, we can do the rest. Oprah is a big girl and she tackled the Texas Ranchers but she has now offended and insulted ALL American women - liberal and conservative alike. When she insults one of us for our achievement, she insults us all. When she touts her stance for women, she needs a disclaimer that her stance is ONLY for women who agree with her.

So, tune her out, turn her off, and do like Sooshi Soo suggests, use your time more wisely. We don't need Oprah; she needed us and now she has kicked us to the curb. Celebrities such as Michael Phelps and others should consider not being guests on her show. They don't need her either.

Like many celebrities, Oprah seems to have forgotten that it is we - the people - who have made her a celebrity. Those checks she gets through direct deposit are from money we paid to her sponsors. Her beautiful homes and furnishings are from us. I don't begrudge her her accomplishment but she sure begrudges Sarah Palin her hard work and earnest effort. Oprah won't ever be a governor of a State. We are the women viewers who "butter her bread" and I think it is time to stop.

I say we can shop at Home Depot; who needs Target? Remember the dust-up with Target over them not allowing their employees to say "Merry Christmas" a year or so ago? Well, last Christmas, I went into the local Target and had to laugh at all the Merry Christmas signs hanging from the ceiling.

So, when our money "walks", they hear our "talk." Let's send Oprah's sponsors a message too...and let's do it now - just in time for Christmas.
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