Saturday, September 20, 2008

Still No Power

Well we got word today that my area will not get power for at least another 10 days. It's getting hard. We lost power on the 12th. Stores are open, but you can't get meat eggs or anything that requires refridgeration. Getting tired of soup and noodles. The things we really need are candles or light source, but that is hard to find. Batteries are now available, but you really have to look to find them. We a sort of watch system on my street, all of us are armed. Lots of teens and other strangers around laste at night. I am at work now and we are running on generators. Not much to do, but keep the servers up. Should get off at 1700 today, don't know about tomorrow yet. Oh yea, sonic is open. Strange how half of kingwood has full power, and my half has none, so at least we can get a fatburger. More later.

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