Monday, May 26, 2008

My Trip To See Mama In Louisana Was A Wash Out

Well we didn't get to go for the Memorial day weekend after all. My sister called me at work on Thursday and said that Mama was pretty sick. She is 85 years old. She has a severe kidney infection and her blood pressure is kind of unstable. The docs changed her meds and got the pressure down. My Mama is a very strong lady, still lives alone and still drives. I guess after being a military wife all your life you tend to be that way. I called her, and she cried a little at all of the things that have been going wrong with her the past month. I guess when numerious things go wrong over a short period of time it can get you down. We taked for a while and she was ok after that. I worry about her. I live 163 miles from her, but fortunately my sister lives in the same town, and she babies Mama like an old mother hen. I thank God for her efforts. Well I hope to make it down within the next couple of weeks. I am gonna give her a call now to see how she is doing.

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