Friday, May 16, 2008

Lonsome Dove

I just finished watching this classic again. I usually break out the CD's about every year or so. Everytime I watch it I get to wondering what has happened to this great country of ours. Men like Gus and the captain and the tough bread of men that our country was built buy are all gone. We are their ancestors and what has happened to us. I feel a lot of shame at what we have let happen to us. How it happened I don't really know. I guess it started during the Viet Nam war or just after it. Now a lot of our men are getting married to each other and our women are doing the same, and what is so hard is that a lot of us seem to think it's ok, or normal now a days. I guess I was born in the wrong time, I don't know. Our politicians are selling us down the river, and we can't do a damn thing about it. People who rape and kill our children are put in mental institutions instead of hanged. Hell we even have to be humane while killing a killer. We put them to sleep then stick them with a needle so they don't feel any pain. Yep we have lost the plot. Something needs to happen in America and it needs to happen pretty soon, or else there won't be any America. I could go on and on about this shit, but I won't because I will only get my blood pressure up, and it's to late at night to do that. All I can say, is it's time to cowboy up and get things right before it's to late. i.e Obama, Clinton, and Mack.. We are in trouble.

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