Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bad Day For Me Today

Well my Sunday started out pretty good, sitting in garage watching the news and having a nice cup of coffee, when my cell phone rang, and it was from my sister. I thought why would she be calling me on a Sunday morining, which she never does. Well I answered it, and she was speaking very fast and I could not understand her, so I calmed her down, and she said Mama has been in a very bad car accident. Mama was on her way to my sisters house where she was having her 86th birthday party. To cut this short, it seems that my Mom who was driving her Buick, hit a car that was stopped and making a turn. She came around a bend in the road and didn't see the car (a VW) in time and hit her going about 40 mph. Mom's airbag did not deploy, so she hit the steering wheel and busted her mouth and ribs. She hurt her fingers and foot. Her car is pretty bad and could be total loss. The girl in the car she hit got a few stitches. Mom was taken to the hospital via ambulance. After clean up and cat scans, it seems that nothing was broken, but then wanted to keep her overnight. She said no way, I want to go home, which she did. My Mom is very stuborn. I just got off of the phone with her, and she is soar, but doing ok. My other sister is staying with her now. Her main concern was that she had caused all of the worry for everyone and ruined the party. This will be an 86th to remember.

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