Sunday, October 19, 2008

Londonderry Teen Left Out Of Obama Rally

Well this does not surprise me at all. He dosen't even endorse America by wearing a lapel pin flag, so what would make him allow thes singing of the national anthem at one of his little get togethers. I think we are in for a real shock come November, and bad times are on their way. Nothing we can do about it now.

LONDONDERRY, N.H. -- A Londonderry high school student was supposed to sing the national anthem at Barack Obama's rally Thursday, but he ended up not being able to.

Just hours before he was to hit the stage, the Obama campaign told him he was no longer needed.

Zach Bengal, 17, said he was bumped because the campaign had to make time for more speeches.

He said the campaign worker who broke the news was apologetic and said they'd keep him in mind for the future. In a written statement, the campaign said it regretted what it called a miscommunication with Bengal, but it said several other New Hampshire residents were able to speak at the event.

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