Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Foolish Filly Was Having A 'Mare

And on the lighter side of life

Jason Harschbarger, from Pullman, West Virginia, heard his horse winnying on the hill next to his house, only to discover the silly filly had lodged her head into a tree cavity.

Luckily the young horse managed to escape her ordeal with just a few minor injuries.

But the tree wasn't so lucky - Mr Harshbarger had to use a chainsaw to set his filly free.

He said: "She has a few cuts on her face and ear. Last I heard her jaw was a little dislocated but I think it is healing up and she can eat on her own again."

But that didn't stop Mr Harschbarger pausing to take a cracking photo of his horse having a 'mare - before coming to its rescue.

No doubt she'll think twice before horsing around again.

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