Friday, August 22, 2008

Well My Better Half Got Home

Well the three months of single live is over. Wife arrived at 2330 hours on Wed night. Me my son and daughter got to Bush Airport at 2230 and had an hour wait. I didn't mind, I like sitting in the airport watching all of the visitors arrive in our little town of Houston. I found these chairs in the airport that were installed with the opening of the new section of Bush. They are great. You can let it give you a massage (1.00 for 3 minutes) up to 15.00 for longer) but the cool part is, the chair also has headsets and you can pick the music you want to listen to. Also has Internet, telephone, and outlets to plug your razor into for a quick shave. I would love one in my house. Anywho, she arrived, got her bags and were back home by 0030 hours. We all got to bed around 0400. Now things are getting back to normal, and I don't have to cook anymore. It was kinds hard to turn over the reins though. I had the house and kids so organized, well that's all out the window now. Back to her way to doing things. Well that is fine with me. Now I can sit in the garage and enjoy my tv and cold beer. I am currently watching Dalls and Houston in a preseason game. Ahh the good life.

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