Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome Back to the Segregation of Public Schools!

Seems like a little school outside of Mobie Alabama is under siege by the communist libs. According to This type of crap is what is killing our nation and hurting our kids, molding them this way and that way. I say bullshit to all of them. Go over to thebullspeaks site and read the rest of this article and get mad, real mad.

In my son’s middle school, Hankins Middle School of Theodore, AL, (a suburb of Mobile, AL), the principle has taken it upon herself - without any form of notice to the parents drom either the school or District offices - to segregate the students by their sex - males in one set of classrooms and the females in another set of classrooms. Moreover, Ms. Cheryl Wittner has the full support of the Mobile County School District.

Or maybe she only thinks she has… The District would not discuss it with The Bull save to say that in their opinion “children have no ‘rights’ and that it is entirely a school-by-school decision to be made by the principle of the school“.

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