Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just A Short Note On Looking Before Your Leap

It was 100 degrees today in town, and me and my son had been out for a while. He decided to wash his car, and I got a beer and went to the backyard for a quick swim/cooldown. Anyhow I got in and the water was perfect. Well I turned around and what was swimming up to me but a damn snake. It wasen't very big, about a foot, but it scared the crap out of me for a minute. Anyhow, I grabbed him and slung him into the side of the pool, just to stun him, it did. I think it was a hog snake, don't really know or care. Anyhow he was terminated. Now don't think that I like to kill snakes, but he died by accident. I continued to enjoy a few more cold beers and thats about all there is to this story. I am going to rake next to my house tomorrow, because I am sure there are a few more. Oh and I am not going to just stick my hand down in the skimmer anymore without looking first.

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