Friday, August 29, 2008

Spent 7 Hours in The Emergency Room Last Night

What a pain in the ass this was. ( A short story of my day) I was at work, about 1645 hours, and just minding my own business setting up a system, and drinking water. (I also have GERD by the way), but it hasen't bothered me for several months, anyhow, for some reason the water kinda got stuck and I forced it up which I guess created a lot of pressure and when it came up, it was blood. Not a lot, but enough that it scared me. I called my doctor, and he said got to the ER right away. Being the good troop I am, I went. Well I'll tell you, sitting in an emergency room is not my idea of fun. Got moved to a room after 5 hours. The nurse who took care of me spent 13 years in the Air Force, so we got along just great. Lots of war stories. She put in a IV and drew 6 tubes of blood, and sent them to the lab. The Doc came in talked to me, and stuck his finger up my personality, and damn, he didn't even kiss me. Anyhow cutting it all short, no blood there. All the tests came back negative, and I got to go home at midnight. What a day. He wants me to follow with some other doc to let them put a tube down my throat and look around, I said right, i'll get right on that. Not gonna happen. If it happens again perhaps, but not now.

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