Friday, March 28, 2008

Mama and my sister in town for the weekend.

Well Mama and my sister are in town today. Mama has an appointment at downtown at the medical center to get her eyes checked. She has macular degeneration, and has been getting shots in her eyes every three months for the past year. She had the bad kind, I think it is called the wet macular or dry, not sure, but she had the bad one which will blind you. Well the injections have cleared it up, and she is doing much better, oh she is 85 years old. Stil lives alone and drives. Oh course I won't ride with her, she scares the hell out of me. I have some pics I took of her and her great great grandson, my grandson, but I have to clear up the red eye before I post them. These pics are my sister brought of a couple of fish she cought in the lake (Vernon) which in in her back yard. Damn I wish I had a house on the lake like they do.

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