Tuesday, March 4, 2008


You know, I was sitting here tonight after a shit day at work, and wanted to post a new blog. Well I got to tell you this is not as easy as some may think. I as those who have been on my blog probably know, am new to this. I have been reading blogs for years. I had my favorites like This one . And of course who will ever forget This Man . Now I don't ever even aspire to be that good. I have made a good friend in the blog world, who shares a background with me, as we are both retired USAF, and both kind of have the same thoughts on a lot of things. He has given me a lot of help and inspired me to keep it up. We speak often via landline, and email, and I do ask a lot of questions. But I have realised that bloggers no matter where or who they are, are willing to help. I have been offered help by many of you out there, and I appreciate it. Of course, when I read bloggers like This guy I get a entirely different slant on things. I love his blog. Glad Iam not a slow running animal. Any how my hat is off to all of you and keep on doing what you do, and I will try and catch up.

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