Monday, August 17, 2009

Pools and Their Problems.

I have been having fits with my pool for the past month or so. The water was so clowdy I couldn't see more than a foot or so under the surface. I brushed it, shocked it with massive amounts of chlorine and still no help. I had my water tested and everything balanced as it should. I had gotten to the point where I was ready to drain 26,000 gallons of water out into the street. I did some google searches and found out about using liquid bleach. I made a trip to wallyworld and bought 8 gallons. I put it in the pool, and the next day the water began to clear. Well to cut this story short, my pool is now back as it should be. I now add one gallon every few days and it is looking good. I had been buying 25 lbs of shock for around $65.00 which would last for about a month, well those days are over. Bleach is $1.50 per gallon and works much better. Actually I had gotten to the point that I was thinking about turning it into a fish pond, and I may still.

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