Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Make-A-Wish grants Texas boy's 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' dream

I think this is a wonderful story and wanted to share.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Texas granted its 4,000th wish to a young boy who has dreamed of sitting in the hot seat on "Who Want to Be a Millionaire."

"I got to go up there on the stage and sit in the hot seat," said Austin Webb, who was born partially blind and suffers from a tumor in the very spot where his nervous system comes together.

"The doctor says eventually something will happen," said Frances Webb, Austin's mother. "He can't give us a date, but because of the location and the size of it, something will happen one day. We just don't know the severity of it."

A still image showed Webb throw his hands in the air as he met host Regis Philbin.

"He was in heaven, complete heaven," Webb said. "He couldn't get Regis to ask him a question fast enough."

Then came the big moment, the million-dollar question.

"Who drives the number 14 Old Spice race car?" Austin said while remembering the last question. "And guess what the answer was? Tony Stewart ... It was right from the top of my brain. I didn't have to use any of the lifelines or anything like that."

"This moment was about him and just him," Webb said.

Austin proudly displayed the $1-million check.

"I love [the Make-A-Wish Foundation]," he said. "They helped make this dream true."

Austin said he plans on buying a nice car and a 12-story mansion with the money.

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