Saturday, August 15, 2009

Man kills in-laws, commits suicide

By Sherry Williams / 11 News

HOUSTON—A West Harris County woman lost three family members in a gruesome murder early Saturday morning. Police believe her husband was responsible for the killings.

11 News

Police said around 2:30 a.m., 24-year-old Mayria Renteria reported that her estranged husband, Tomas Carreon, had shot her parents and younger brother.

When police arrived, they found Robert and Marina Schaerer and 14-year-old Salvador Renteria, Jr. dead inside their home located at 19430 Tree Orchard.

According to authorities, Renteria was also inside the home at the time, but was not shot.

A neighbor said the gunfire woke his mother up.

"She told me that she heard a shot and then she heard two other shots," said neighbor Tony Osorio.

Police said Carreon fled the scene on foot.

A wrecker driver spotted Carreon walking down Clay Road with a gun in his hand. The wrecker driver then flagged down a deputy and pointed him out.

The deputy followed the suspect to a KinderCare daycare center. Carreon ran behind the building and shot himself in the head.

It is unclear why the 29-year-old killed his wife’s family.

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