Monday, April 20, 2009

Update on the Hole In The Road

I just happen to drive down to the river during my lunch break in order to find out when I could get my daughters car. There was a Houston Police Officer and several civilian personnel blocking the road. I asked when could I get her car and was told I could get now or within the next couple of hours. After that the vehicles would be towed away. No that kinda sucks. How are people going to be notified that their car is being towed, where is it being towed to etc. So to avoid all the crap, I drove back to my house, got my son and we went back to the scene. We had to park my truck and walk about 1.6 miles to her car. My old ass was tired when we got there. We got her car and the rest is history. The hole was covered with dirt for the moment, however the road and permanent fix won't take place for a while.

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