Thursday, April 30, 2009

Teenage girl killed in school bus accident

I watched this on the news last night. How sad something like this could happen to such a young girl. It seems that the driver has been involved in another incident involving hitting someone with a school bus. The investigation continues.

By Allison Triarsi and Michelle Ponto / 11 News

HOUSTON -- A school bus has hit and killed a teenage girl in Northeast Houston.

Witnesses told the Harris County Sheriff’s Office that 15-year-old Alma Meza and a friend had gotten off the bus. Meza was walking across the street in front of the bus when she was struck.

“We didn't know what happened. We thought it was a dog or something. We looked back and she was lying on the ground," said Eddie Longoria, who saw the accident.

Students say the bus driver didn't realize the girl had been hit until they yelled out at her to stop. But it was too late. The girl was dead.

“That little girl was hanging on, but then she let go and she just tumbled under there. It was awful,” said Alma Uribe who witnessed the accident from her car.

Meza attended Aldine MacArthur High School.

The Harris County Sherriff’s Office is investigating the accident.

No charges have been filed at this time, but the school district has confirmed that two years ago the same driver hit another student who was walking in front of her bus. In that case, the child hurt their leg, but survived the accident.

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