Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rain, Rain And More Rain on My 30th Wedding Anniversary

Well we got good and wet in Houston. It started raining yesterday, and got worse through the night and into today. It was pitch black at 4:00 pm yesterday. Then the rains came. I love storms. I sat in my garage all day and watched the lightening and listened to the thunder and watched my road flood. I began to get a little concerned when the water got half way up my driveway, but then I thought, the drains will handle it. Big surprise the drains didn't. Water got up to within about three feet of going into my garage. Well it stopped late in the day, the sun came out and everyting is clean and fresh. We got 5" in my area of Houston, which is called Kingwood a small residential area of 75,000. Hell of a thing though, today is my 30th wedding anniversary and the wife and I had planned to go out for dinner, but didn't get to. I have a big Dodge Ram, and it sits pretty high off of the ground, so I asked if she wanted some catfish, which she did, so I went up to the catfish house and got us a dinner of catfish, ocra, hush puppies and cole slaw. Man it was good. Anyhow that was my day.

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