Friday, July 18, 2008

Rick Noriaga, Pelosi, Dean, clark in town.

We Texas will need to break out the heavy duty hip boots for all the bullshit that will be flowing out of Austin with this crew in town.. All I can say is "REMEMBER THE ALAMO"

We have known for a long time that the national left wing was behind Rick Noriega. Last week, he bragged in a press release that he has raised more money nationally from the liberal blogosphere than any other congressional candidate in the country. This week, a who’s who of the liberal hierarchy is in Austin. Everyone from Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Governor Howard Dean to General Wesley Clark will be in Texas over the next 72 hours.
They are here for one reason -- to rally around the Noriega campaign as we approach the final three months of the campaign.
Senator Cornyn will stand with you, and all Texans, over these out-of-state travelers any day.
Rick Noriega and his far left-wing blogger cronies are out of touch with Texas values. But the sad fact is his left wing cohorts have deep pockets. We need your help to combat them.
It is ironic they chose to come to Texas because I am sure the Netroots participants will look around and ask—did we get lost on the way to Berkeley?
They will learn that Texas is arguably the fastest-growing and most successful state in the Union. Our economy is doing well. We have largely avoided the housing bust. We know how to create jobs.
How do we do it? By enacting policies that are the opposite of what Rick Noriega and his liberal blogger allies advocate. We do it with a business-friendly climate that encourages entrepreneurs. We keep regulations to a minimum, so job creators aren’t bogged down by bureaucratic red tape. And we keep taxes low. We also think clearly about our priorities. We want to WIN the war against terrorism. We want government to get out of the way and allow development of our energy resources.
Noriega has raised nearly half of his total funds online, much of it from out-of-state “progressives” who will never even visit Texas, let alone vote here. His campaign regularly boasts that he has strong support from the left-wing blogosphere. Make no mistake, if he were to get elected he would be beholden to these people.

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