Tuesday, July 15, 2008

16 Year Old Daughters and Drivers License

Ya know a funny thing happened at my house on Friday. I saw a sweet loving and happy 16 year old girl (my daughter) turn into a different person. I still can't figure it out. She completed her drivers school 6 months ago, and was issued a learners prmit..Great, now she gets to practice driving my vehicles with me or her mama. Well she turned out to be a pretty good driver and then the count down started. Everyday she would say, "Daddy 25 more days" till she would get her real drivers license. The closer we got to that fathful day the more stuff she started doing around the house to help out, things that before she would have had to be told to do. I am thinking she is attempting to show me how mature and responsible she is. Well the day arried as I said last Friday. We spent 2 and 1/2 hours sitting at the Texas DPS office and got her drivers license. First thing upon leaving the building was Daddy when we get home can I use the car to go to Starbucks? My answer was no. Now the change starts. Her Mama is overseas until the 20th of next month, so I told her you can start driving when she gets back. Really I didn't want to assume the responsibility of letting her drive alone. I am a chicken that way. I mean after all she is my only daughter, and all I can think about is the worse of course. She comes up with all kinds of excusses to use the car, like this friend of mine made be a blouse, and I have to go to her house and pay her. I said is she home now, answer no she is with her dad for the summer, so how are you going to pay her, answer put the money in the mailbox. I say no she gets mad, slams doors, stays in her room etc. Hence the change. We had a long talk about maturity and being truthful about what she really wants. Now things are better. I let he use my truck on Sunday to pick her friend up and brin her to our house for a swim. She made it ok. Damn, I am just worried for her driving, guess I have to start letting go, but it's hard. Anyhow, I now let her use our Nissan (her mom's car) for short periods of time and only for specifc things, not for jut driving around letting her friends see her driving, which I think this whole thing is about. We will see how this saga continues to unfold.

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