Friday, July 18, 2008

Obama's Fatwa On American Citizens

by john lilipop

July 17, 2008 10:00 AM EST

If inflammatory, anti-American rhetoric is any indication, Barack Obama appears to have issued a Fatwa against English-speaking, law abiding American citizens and their institutions.
Speaking at a "Trolling for Hispanic Votes" event at La Raza, the charismatic Democrat took on the Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) agency, essentially accusing ICE agents and other law enforcement authorities of being domestic terrorists.
This on the heels of a tirade in which Obama berated Americans for not being more bilingual.
Forget that Obama himself is an English only dude: Pay heed to what this arrogant fascist says, not what he does!
In addition, the closet Jihadist admonished American citizens to be sure that their children could speak Spanish, after chiding those folks for being too partial to English.
So while the charismatic Obama continues to campaign under the banner of CHANGE, he seems manacled to old school "wedge" politics.
Were he a true patriot, Obama could provide a far greater service to America and its citizens by pressuring Hispanic parents to teach their children the following essential truths about America:

* America is a sovereign nation, completely independent of Mexico. It has been that way for more than 200 years, and we intend to keep it that way.

* In 1848, The Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo was ratified by both the United States and Mexican congresses. That Treaty satisfied any and all claims Mexico had to land now part of the United States.

* Native Indians were the original landowners of what is now the Southwestern United States. Any valid "chain of title" belongs to Native American Indians, not Mexicans.

* Brown may be beautiful in Latin America. But in the United States, we are partial to colors that symbolize freedom under the rule of law. That would be Red, White and Blue.

* In America, Mexico is a foreign nation and Spanish is a foreign language.
* Speaking two or more languages is fine-- provided one of the languages is English. Literacy in Spanish but not English is not acceptable.

* Being hard working and good hearted is commendable, but those qualities do not entitle anyone to enter the United States illegally.

* Celebrating ones cultural heritage is perfectly fine--provided it does not interfere with assimilation into American culture.

* U.S. immigration laws exist to protect American citizens & others here legally, not to facilitate a foreigner's pursuit of a better life, and

* Those who come to America must adjust to our culture and traditions. We have no obligation or desire to change our way of living to accommodate foreign newcomers.

Now that is the message that Barack Obama should be delivering to Hispanic parents!

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