Sunday, September 13, 2009

One Year Ago Ike HIt Us In Houston

I can't believe it's been a year now since Ike paid a vist to Houston. We in my area were hit pretty hard, and were without power for 11-13 days. Trees were blocking our street and there were hundreds of homes damaged by wind and fallen trees. It was amazing to see how Texans come together in a time of need and take care of one another. I know other states would do the same, but I live here and am very pround of the actions of many to aid othere. We ran out of food after a week, and were down to eating ramin noodles. There was no gas, no water and no ice to be had. After day 5 ended food became available in Humble at a church. We made our way there and it was kinda like a drive through that the church had set up. Drive through and there were church folks there who would load your trunk, or truck with 4 bags of ice, caned food and snacks. This was a life saver. Later we were able to get MRE's. Well I didn't like the storm and what it did to us, but I did like to see the way everyone in my neighborhood helped out. I don't want to see that again.

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