Sunday, September 6, 2009

Not Much Going On Around Here

I actually have had time to get on the blogs today for a change. I miss it. I am time constrained lately, and I suppose that is a good thing work wise. I am enjoying this long weekend, the first I have had in a long time. I supervised my son pull the head off of his car because I would not have a clue how to do that. He has a blown piston and has not driven it for a month. He and a friend of his got the head off and that took all day. It's hard working on these small high performance machines, with not a lot of wiggle room. I am doing as little as possible today, been on the internet for most of the day on farmtown and farmville etc. Been having some strange events with my heart which prompted me to go to the doctor. Seem I have palpataions my heart beats a few times then stops and restarts, now I know most people have this at one time or another, but this is a first for me, and it happens all the time, hence the doctor visit. Got sent to Hermon Memorian Hospital to a cardio specialist ( glad Uncle Sam is paying for it) and he talked with me and checked me out, did an ekg and said there were a couple of blips he didn't like, so I had to wear a monitor for 24 hours. It is not easy to sleep with wires attatched to your chest, but I managed. I am scheduled for a stress test on tuesday and we will go from there. I feel fine, just when your heart skips a beat to often it tends to make you a little cautions. We are getting ready to bbq some Texas steak (chicken and sausages) and wife is making salid and tater tots along with some bbq beans.. Well more later.

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