Friday, June 26, 2009

Two years later, microwaved baby living a happy life

By Courtney Zubowski / 11 News

HOUSTON—Kaylee Croxton is a bossy, pink-loving, 2-year-old girly girl. But just two years ago, inside a Galveston motel, her biological father put her inside a microwave and turned it on for 20 seconds.

Microwaved baby living a happy life with a loving family
June 25, 2009 View larger E-mail Clip More Video Her biological mother claimed the devil told him to do it.

Kaylee’s dad, Joshua Mauldin, is serving a 25-year prison sentence for the crime.

“When I do think about Josh, it’s kind of mixed emotions and I think for Jeremy, too, because if this hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have her,” Heather Croxton said.

Croxton and her husband, Jeremy, adopted Kaylee in February.

Kaylee now has three older brothers, who have become pretty protective of her.

She’s been part of the Croxton clan for almost two years, even though the adoption just became official this year.

She was born a cousin to the Croxtons through marriage.

Shortly after the abuse, the Croxtons, who live in College Station, took her in.

“When she says, ‘I love you, daddy,’ I mean, that brings a smile right there on your face,” Jeremy Croxton said.

Kaylee has scars from the burns she suffered in the microwave.

She suffered third-degree burns on her left cheek, ear, shoulder and hand. Her left ring finger was burned all the way to the bone.

She’s had several surgeries and will need several more, because the scar tissue and skin grafts don’t grow with her.

There will be some tough times ahead.

“Obviously, I think we are going to have to tell her, because the whole world knows and if she was to find out from someone else, she would probably be devastated,” Heather Croxton said.

“It’s just so hard to think about it, how – how we’re going to explain it to her,” Jeremy Croxton said.

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