Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Killer of 5 put to death

What else is there to say. He got his just dew. You Kill in Texas and this is what you get.

HUNTSVILLE — A self-described “non-caring monster” who took responsibility for killing five relatives was executed Tuesday evening for the slayings of his two stepchildren.

“I am sorry for what I’ve done and for all the pain and suffering my actions caused,” Terry Lee Hankins said from the death chamber gurney, his voice wavering. “Jesus is Lord. All glory to God.”

Eleven minutes after the lethal drugs began to flow, he was pronounced dead at 6:19 p.m. CDT.

Hankins, 34, surrendered at his girlfriend’s Arlington apartment in 2001 after a five-hour standoff with police who wanted him for gunning down his estranged wife, Tammy, 34, and her children, Devin Galley, 12, and Ashley Mason, 11. Hankins then told officers he’d also killed his father and half-sister almost a year earlier.

“I believe he meant it,” Ruthie Hedleston, who survived a beating by Hankins, said after watching him die. Her ex-husband was Hankins’ good friend and he lived with them for two years, she said.

“The reason I was there was to make the feeling I’ve had for seven years go away — the fear of him,” she said. “He has haunted me for seven years.

“I believed him that he’s sorry but that doesn’t mean I can forgive him for what he did.”

Hankins was the 16th condemned prisoner executed this year in Texas, the nation’s most active death penalty state. The lethal injection also was the 200th during the tenure of Gov. Rick Perry, a milestone denounced by capital punishment opponents.

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