Saturday, March 28, 2009

Working On A Saturday

What kind of crap is this?? I took a personal day on Friday, so that I could continue my Spring cleanup around the house and that all ended Friday night when my boss called me and wanted to know how much of his expense report for 2008 I had completed. I told him I had gotten thourh Jan and Feb. I could tell he was a little stressed, but being the man that I am, I said, however I was planning on going in on Saturday for a while to finish is up. He was happy. So here I sit in my office working on his shit. I do hardware and software, so messing around with expense reports is not exactly what I am know for. Oh well I just consider myself very lucky to even have a job in these times. So, it is now 2pm and I have most of it done and I am going home to do a litle work, then start enjoying several adult beverages. Ya''ll have a good weekend.

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