Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I don't know how many of you out there are retired military types, like me, but when you retire from the military you can sign up for TRICARE. It's a good deal as far as your costs goes. Well I had not been having any problems with this insurance in the past, but now I am finding that more and more doctors do not accept TRICARE any longer. I had to go in for a colon check a couple of years ago, and it costs me $12.00 for the office visit/copay and uncle sugar paid for the rest, which is a lot less to the doctor than he would normally charge. Well now I am due for another one, and the doctor I used before no longer accepts TRICARE. This is good insurnace, but very limited in who accepts it. The only hospitals I can go to anywhere close by where I live is either Kigwood Medical Center or Conroe Texas (50 or so miles away). I guess the way things are going with our economy and the new prez, they will really be cutting back, and the first place to start is with us old retired military types. Just dosen't seem right to me.

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