Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm Still On Vacation

I like being off for a couple of days, but every year at this time I take off for 2 weeks. Now I know that I will be bored and want to come back to work, but I do it anyhow. I know to that once I start back to work next Monday, it will seem like I haven't been off at all. Thus is the nature of the beast.
We went over to My Mama's house in Leesville Louisiana, the home of Fort Polik. My sisters were there and their kids. We had some good old Louisiana food and war stories were a plenty. My sisters son who is a LA State Trooper had to work, and I missed getting to see him. He can tell some good stories for sure. On our way back we were driving in some very heavy rain, and as luck would have it, a dog ran in front of me, and I had no choice but to hit him. Slick roads at 70 mph is not the time to take evasive action, so I hit him. I lost my Vietnam Vetran Texas License plate I discovered when we stopped for gas at the Indian Reservation. I'll get another one this week sometime.
Got a little yard work done, and still have a lot more to do, if the weather holds. It's 70 today and sunny. My son gave me a bottle of 12 year old Cheves for Christmas which I have been enjoying in the evening. Looking forward to the 5th, so I can come back to work.

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