Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Update On My Situation

Well I am now 155 days into retirement, and I don't like it one bit. The docs told me that I should be back 100% in about a year, well I have a ways to go. I went to a neuro doc yesterday and he said that my brain is forming scars from the operation and that the brain will king of route around the damaged area and that it would compensate. I have only noticed that I have lost my short term memory and started haveing mild panic when around groups of people. They put me on cymbalta and I am doing a lot better. As some may have noticed, I have not been on my blog for some time and the reason is that I have a hard time sitting in front of my computetr for more than a couple of minutes. This cymbalta has make it a lot easier now, so I should be able to get on more often and longer. I did visit some friends blogs yesterday and hope to do more from now on. I am also still having a little problem reading some words and spelling. but over all I am far better off than before.

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