Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am doing good thank God

Well to say the least it is just great to be home and sleeping in my won bed after so long. I don't seem to be having any problems worh speaking of. I am glad to be able to get back on the internet. Had almot 2000 emails to read and clean up, most as you all know was junk, to a few from friends and I thank them. I am not suppose to drive for 6 months or drink (damn) I can live with that though. Feels realy strange to be retired and not have to get up in the morning. I will need to find something to do though. It's going on 2 months I have been out of work, and so far so good, only because most of the time I sleep. Guess that is a side effect of having our head opened up or it could be the meds I have to take, who knows, but getting better day by day. Thanks to those of ou who left me comments re my time in hospital, it ment a lot to me. Thaks.

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