Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bit of Excitment At The House Next Door To Mine

Man, it looked like something out of a movie. Police car pulls up in the driveway next door to me. Me and my daughtetr are home for lunch and about to go back to work. Cop pulls out his gun and holds it by his side and then gets on the radio. Three minutes later two more police cars arrive. Hold short discussion and in the mean time three more police cars pull up, more talking and everyone has their guns drawn. Just damn I think. Well three more police cars arrive and it's time to move. Two go around one side of the house, three more go around the other side and two go inside the open garage and enter the house again wtih guns out. Several minutes later they come out with three teens at gun point. They were searched and put in cuffs. I must admit I was impressed with all of this. My daughter said cool. Well it turned out that the boy who use to live there and was kicked out by his parents had came by to pick up an old couch and an old TV. Well the neighbour on the other side saw a truck back into the driveway and these teens attempting to get in the front door, which was locked, so they went around to the back. Well she called 911 and the rest is history. Turns out that the kid had permission from the parents who were out of town to get the stuff, and had left the back door open for them. Talk about learning a lesson, the teen punks were scared shitless. Good job HPD. I took a picture of all of this, and will post it when my internet at home is fixed. Damn it's been down for two days. Tech are suppose to come out today and fix it.

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