Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Going out to the great outdoors this Sunday

My daughter has been in the Girl Scouts for 10 years. She has earned her Silver Award and is working on her Gold Award, which for those of you who don't know about Girl Scouts is the same as the Eagle Scout for boys. Well anyhow enough of my bragging. They are having an awards presentation this Sunday at some place way up in the piney woods about 60 miles from Kingwood where I live. I can't even find it on Mapquest. I got some local directions like well ya go to Conroe and you will see a shell station and ya keep goin past that a ways and then turn left onto Farm to Market road 75, stay on that till ya come to Jakes beer and fine wines store and jist stop in there and he will tell ya where to go from there. Hell, I am packing my 40 on this trip. Not really, there are 8 Girl Scout camps in this place. I have been to one about 8 years ago, and it is really nice, open bay dorms runing water etc.. Any, I hope to get some good pics, if we make it back. I'm am not taking the Ram this trip with gas so high, but will take the wifes Optima, at least it gets better milage.

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